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HMRC internal manual

ATA/CPD Carnets Manual

Third country issued ATA carnets for temporary importation Action for goods using blue transit vouchers

General checks

The same basic checks need to be carried out as detailed in the ‘General checks’ at ATACPD06100 for carnets generally. (The carnet should be for eligible items, stamped, signed, within date and the goods should be identifiable.)

Completion of the blue transit voucher

On the blue transit vouchers, you must complete Box H as follows:

Item Information required
(a) The name of the customs office where the transit movement is to be completed.
(b) The final date by which the goods must be re-exported.
(c) Local reference number.
(d) Details of any seals fixed to the goods or means of transport.
(e) The address of the responsible customs office. In the UK, this is the National Carnet Unit (NCU).

Details of your office.

Date, signature and office stamp.    
  (f) & (g) Will be completed by the office of exit from the EU.

Complete two copies of the transit voucher, detach one and send it immediately to the NCU. Completing two will mean that the office of departure from the EU will know where to send the exit voucher.

Completion of the blue transit counterfoil

Item Information required
1 The item number or numbers on the General List being exported.
2 Final date for production to customs.
3 Local office reference number.
4 Name of the customs office where the goods have been entered for transit.
5 Location of that office.
6 Date of entry to transit.
7 Signature and office stamp.
Boxes 1-6 below These will be completed by the office of exit from the EU.

Only one transit counterfoil needs to be completed.

The Office of Exit

The office of exit will complete the carnet to show that the transit movement has ended. To do this it must complete the blue voucher and counterfoil that have already been started by the office of entry into the EU.

Completion of the blue transit voucher:

Item Information required
(f) Confirmation that the transit operation has been discharged.
(g) Any other appropriate remarks, and the name and address of the customs office of discharge, the date, office stamp and signature.

The blue transit voucher should then be removed from the carnet and sent to the office at part H(e). If the transit started in the UK this will be the National Carnet Unit.

Completion of the counterfoil

The counterfoil top section will have been completed by the office of entry. The second section named ‘certificate of discharge by the customs office of destination’ should be completed as below.

Item Information required
1 Confirmation of discharge.
2 Any remarks in regard to identification, repairs, and so on.
3 Details of your office.
4 The location of your office.
5 Date of discharge.
6 Signature and office stamp.