U15 waste exemption: pig and poultry ash

The U15 exemption allows you to mix ash from burning pig or poultry with slurry and/or manure, and spread it on farmland to provide the soil with nutrients.

Applies to England

Activities you can carry out

You can:

  • mix manure or slurry with ash from the incineration of pig and poultry carcasses
  • spread the manure/slurry ash mix on your farm to benefit the soil
  • store the ash before mixing it with the manure or slurry, and you can store the manure/slurry ash mix before spreading it

Activities you cannot carry out

You cannot:

  • take ash from neighbouring farms and mix it with manure and slurry on your farm
  • mix any other ashes with manure and slurry and spread the mix on your land
  • plough ash straight into the soil

Type of waste you can use

The waste codes are listed in the List of Wastes (LoW) Regulations. You need to make sure your waste fits within the waste code and the description.

Waste code Type of waste
190112 Ash from the incineration of pig and poultry carcasses only

Amount of waste you can use

The maximum amount of ash you can spread under this exemption is 150kg per hectare in a 12 month period. You should only spread the amount that the soil needs. If you apply more ash than appears reasonable, the Environment Agency may consider this as disposal of waste.

Key conditions

You cannot store or spread the ash mix within 10 metres of a watercourse or 50 metres of a spring, well or borehole.

You must mix the ash with an equal or larger amount of manure or slurry before spreading it.

The ash must be stored in a secure place before it is spread.

When the ash is spread, the land must not have been frozen for 12 hours or more in the preceding 24 hours.

The land must not be frozen, waterlogged or covered by snow.

Other things you need to know

The pig and poultry carcasses must be incinerated in compliance with the Animal By-Product Regulations.

This exemption can only take place on the same farm where the pigs or poultry died and were then incinerated.

Register a U15 exemption

You need to register this exemption with the Environment Agency if you meet the requirements.

Published 28 April 2014