VAT MOSS exchange rates for 2019

Find currency exchange rates for VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS) businesses registered in the UK to complete declarations.

These are some of the most common currency exchange rates used by VAT MOSS businesses registered in the UK.

You should use these currency exchange rates if you’re a VAT MOSS business registered in the UK, so you can complete declarations and make payments to HMRC in sterling (GBP).

The rates are based on the exchange rate published by the European Central Bank on the last reporting day of the VAT MOSS quarter (or if it’s a weekend, or bank holiday the next available day).

2019 exchange rates

Exchange rates ending March 2019

Currency exchange rates outside the EU

Country Country code Currency Currency code 1 GBP =
Australia AU Dollar AUD 1.8416
Canada CA Dollar CAD 1.7519
China CN Yuan renminbi CNY 8.8036
Hong Kong HK Dollar HKD 10.2969
India IN Rupee INR 90.9296
Israel IL Israeli shekel ILS 4.7568
Japan JP Yen JPY 145.5556
New Zealand NZ New Zealand dollar NZD 1.9214
Norway NO Norwegian krone NOK 11.2517
Russia RU Rouble RUB 86.0923
Singapore SG Dollar SGD 1.7760
Switzerland CH Franc CHF 1.3052
United States US Dollar USD 1.3117

Currency exchange rates inside the EU

Country Country code Currency Currency code 1 GBP =
European Community EC Euro EUR 1.1674
Bulgaria BG Bulgarian lev BGN 2.2833
Croatia HR Croatian kuna HRK 8.6703
Czech Republic CZ Czech koruna CZK 30.1093
Denmark DK Danish krone DKK 8.7138
Hungary HG Hungarian forint HUF 374.7928
Poland PL Polish zloty PLN 5.0188
Romania RO Romanian leu RON 5.5600
Sweden SE Swedish krona SEK 12.1647

Exchange rates for earlier years

Check exchange rates that apply for earlier years.

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Published 2 April 2019