Teacher misconduct hearings: claiming expenses

Expenses that may be claimed by witnesses attending a hearing or induction appeal at the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA).

Who can claim

Witnesses attending a hearing or induction appeal are able to claim reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses. If they are self-employed or are supply teachers who would lose a day’s income by attending, then they can also claim for loss of earnings. If an overnight stay is necessary, TRA should be contacted before the hearing to agree the costs that will be covered.

TRA will normally pay for up to two witnesses for each party attending, but may pay expenses for additional witnesses in exceptional circumstances. TRA will need to be contacted before the hearing setting out what the exceptional circumstances are.

Teachers who are the subject of an induction appeal can also claim reasonable travel expenses.

Teachers who are the subject of professional conduct panels cannot claim for any expenses unless they can demonstrate that genuine hardship is preventing them from attending, such as unemployment. Unemployment must be independently verified by a third party.

What can be claimed

TRA will pay a flat-rate payment to compensate loss of earnings of £65 for up to 4 hours and £130 for over 4 hours.

For supply teachers, TRA will only cover loss of earnings if there is genuine evidence that the claimant would ordinarily have been working on the day(s) for which they are claiming. TRA would therefore expect to see appropriate confirmation from a head teacher or supply agency.

Schools that have to hire a supply teacher to cover a person’s attendance at a hearing will be reimbursed up to a maximum of £250 per day. TRA will require the following in order to process this payment:

  • the school name, full address and details of a contact person
  • the payee’s name, National Insurance number and address (if not the school)
  • bank details - the bank name, the branch, the branch address, sort code, account number and the name that the bank account is held in
  • an invoice in order to process this payment
Published 14 April 2014
Last updated 21 June 2017 + show all updates
  1. EXP21 form amended to SOP21
  2. Corrected the amount that can be reimbursed to schools that need to pay for supply cover to release a member of staff to be a witness at a hearing.
  3. First published.