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Teacher misconduct

This collection contains all information about regulating the teaching profession and the process for dealing with cases of serious misconduct.

This information will be of interest to:

  • Employers of teachers (including employment and supply agencies), to help them decide whether an allegation of teacher misconduct is sufficiently serious to be referred to the National College for Teaching and Leadership
  • Teachers, to help them understand the potential consequences of serious misconduct
  • Teachers, witnesses and panel members who are involved in professional conduct hearings
  • Members of the public and press, to provide reassurance and transparency around the regulation process
  • Anyone considering whether to refer a serious misconduct case


Details of a forthcoming hearing will appear as a notice five working days before it is due to take place. Members of the press and the public are able to attend professional conduct panel hearings held by NCTL and a small number of observer places are available for this purpose. If you wish to attend as an observer, you are asked to contact NCTL on 0207 593 5393 (for members of the public) or the Department’s press office on 0207 783 8300 (for journalists). Should you not do so in advance of the hearing date, NCTL cannot guarantee your place as an observer.

  1. Teacher misconduct: professional conduct panel members

    • Guidance

Regulations and procedures

  1. Teacher misconduct: regulating the teaching profession

    • Guidance
  2. Teacher misconduct: the prohibition of teachers

    • Guidance
  3. Teacher misconduct: disciplinary procedures

    • Guidance
  4. Teacher misconduct: application for an order to be set aside

    • Form


  1. Teacher misconduct: referring a case

    • Guidance
  2. Teacher misconduct: referral form

    • Form

Information on attending a panel hearing

  1. Teacher misconduct: information for witnesses

    • Guidance
  2. Teacher misconduct: information for observers

    • Guidance
  3. Teacher misconduct: information for teachers

    • Guidance
  4. NCTL Coventry map and directions

    • Map
  5. Teacher misconduct hearings: claiming expenses

    • Guidance
  6. EXP21 expense claim form and advice

    • Guidance