Tax support for overseas businesses investing in the UK

Non-resident businesses can get advice on how UK tax law applies using HMRC's Inward Investment Support service


If your business is based outside the UK and you’re thinking of making a significant investment here, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) can help.

Inward Investment Support (IIS) is a service HMRC provides to businesses which aren’t resident in the UK and don’t already deal with HMRC.

What support is available if you’re thinking of investing in the UK

The IIS service offered by HMRC aims to give clarity and certainty to non-resident businesses about the tax consequence of significant investment in the UK.

By ‘significant’, HMRC usually means investments which are intended to total £30 million or more, but HMRC will also assist on smaller investments which they agree may be of importance to the national or regional economy.

What the IIS service can do for your business

You can ask HMRC for written confirmation of how UK tax law applies to specific transactions or events. To be able to advise you appropriately, HMRC will need information such as:

  • the name, address and country of residence of the business
  • the nature and size of the projected transactions, the taxes involved, and the chronology - or proposed chronology - of the transactions
  • the commercial background - describing the reasons why the business is considering the transactions
  • any specific legal points you know or believe arise, outline the points at issue. If you already have legal advice, a copy of this may enable HMRC to respond sooner
  • the reasons why you believe the investment is of importance to the nation or regional economy

HMRC will respond within 28 days. If they can’t provide a full response within that time, they’ll contact you to explain why not.

Guidance provided by IIS is subject to the same qualification as other forms of advice given by HMRC - briefly, you must set out all the relevant facts and draw attention to all the issues.

Who to contact

If you’d like to discuss the tax implications of your investment, you can email

Any information you provide to HMRC will be treated in the strictest confidence. HMRC officers are bound by a statutory duty of confidentiality.

Further information

You can get more general (non-tax) advice on investing in the UK.

If you’re an existing UK business seeking advice on significant inward investment, you should contact your Customer Relations Manager.

You can get further guidance if you’re a UK resident businesses seeking Advanced Pricing Arrangements, statutory clearances and non-statutory clearances.

Published 13 December 2011
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