Table of cases: Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber

Find out which form to use when asking permission to appeal to the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal.

All forms can be used for appeals in England and Wales apart from form UT11, which cannot be used for food regulation labelling in Wales.

Subject area Form code Scotland Northern Ireland
Armed forces compensation scheme UT6 use PAT1 from Pensions Appeal Tribunal Scotland no
Care standards UT5 no no
Child support UT1 yes no
Claims management services UT11 no no
Community right to bid UT11 no no
Compensation recovery UT1 yes no
Criminal injuries compensation (judicial review) JRC1 no no
Diffuse Mesothelioma Payments Scheme UT14 yes yes
Disclosure and Barring Service decisions UT10 no no
Driving Standards Agency cases UT11 yes no
Environmental Civil Sanctions UT11 no yes
Estate agents UT11 yes yes
Exam boards UT11 no no
Food regulation labelling UT11 no no
Forfeiture rule references no form - direct reference by the Department for Work and Pensions yes no
Gambling UT11 yes no
Goods vehicle operator’s licence UT12 yes yes - also for Community Licences
Housing Benefit UT1 yes no
Immigration services UT11 yes yes
Information rights UT13 yes yes
Licensed conveyancers regulation UT11 no no
Mental health UT3 (England) UT8 (Wales) no no
NHS charges recovery UT1 no no
Primary health lists UT5 no no
Public service vehicle operator licenses UT12 yes no
Safeguarding vulnerable groups UT10 no no
Social security UT1 yes no
Special educational needs UT4 (England) UT9 (Wales) no no
Tax credits UT1 yes no
Traffic Commissioner decisions UT12 yes no
Transport decisions UT11 yes no
Vaccine damage UT1 yes yes
War pensions scheme UT6 use PAT1 from Pensions Appeal Tribunal Scotland assessment appeals only
Published 1 June 2015