Supplier Credit Financing Facility

Find out about our Supplier Credit Facility: its benefits, eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Our Supplier Credit Facility has been partially replaced by the Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee. The Supplier Credit Facility currently only supports Bills and Notes facilities.

Supplier Credit Bills and Notes Facility

Covers payments due under bills of exchange, or promissory notes, purchased by a financial institution from a UK exporter. The exporter will have received them in payment for capital goods, services and/or intangibles supplied to an overseas buyer.

Supplier Credit Loan Facility

The Supplier Credit Loan Facility was replaced by the Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee on 23 February 2021. Please see our Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee page for more information.


The benefits of our Supplier Credit Bills and Notes Facility include:

  • the exporter is paid as soon as the goods have been shipped and/or services performed
  • the buyer or borrower has time to pay over a number of years and can borrow at fixed or floating rates
  • the financial institution receives a guarantee from us for the amounts due under the bills of exchange or promissory notes

Eligibility criteria

The transaction must satisfy UKEF’s eligibility criteria, which includes the requirements that:

  • the exporter must be carrying on business in the UK
  • the financial institution must be acceptable to us

All transactions supported by UKEF must satisfy:

The transaction may not be supported if there are sanctions imposed on the country of the buyer or borrower.

The maximum amount that can be made available under the facility is 85% of the contract value. A minimum of 15% of the contract value must be paid directly to the exporter by the buyer before the facility starts to be repaid. Of the 15%, a down payment of at least 5% should be received upon contract signature.

The period for payment under the facility is typically 2 to 5 years. It can be shorter or longer depending on the sector and transaction requirements.

Check our cover indicators to find out what cover is available for the country or territory you want to do business in.


The fee payable for our cover is determined on a case by case basis.

How to apply

To find out more about a UKEF Supplier Credit Bills and Notes Facility or to discuss eligibility for our support, contact our customer services team.

Contact or call +44 (0)20 7271 8010.

Our Supplier Credit Bills and Notes Facility can be accessed directly through UKEF or via some financial institutions.

Find out which financial institutions can administer the facility.

Our application forms are also available if you are ready to make an application.

Application Forms

Check our country cover position, and make an application.

Financial institutions who take part in the Supplier Credit Facility

We issue master guarantee agreements (MGAs) to financial institutions who take part in the Supplier Credit Facility, which now only covers Supplier Credit Bills and Notes for applications after the 23rd February 2021.

The MGA is only an umbrella document, which sets out the principal terms and conditions on which we will guarantee payment to financial institutions that make finance available using the facility.

We set out the terms and conditions of cover for individual transactions when making an offer of support for a particular export contract. Once the financial institution has accepted an offer of cover, it is able to purchase negotiable instruments from you knowing that we will cover them under the master guarantee agreement.

The following financial institutions are able to use the Supplier Credit Financing Facility:

Financial Institution Telephone Fax
ABC International Bank plc (+44) 7435 613 928 or (+44) 7789 372 296 N/A
Banco Santander S.A (+44) 033 1148 0211 N/A
HSBC Bank plc (project and export finance) 020 7992 3888 020 7992 4428
JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A 020 7742 7120 N/A
Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (London) 020 7826 8000 N/A
London Forfaiting Company Ltd 020 7397 1510 020 7397 1511
Nordea Bank Abp (Helsinki) (+358) 9 53007070 or 020 7726 9000 N/A
Raiffeisen Bank International AG (Austria) (+43) 1 71707 0 (+43) 1 71707 1715
Standard Chartered Bank 020 7885 7133 N/A

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