Summary of the UK-Switzerland-Liechtenstein trade agreement

Information on the trade agreement with Liechtenstein, replicating the effects of the EU-Switzerland-Liechtenstein agreements.

This agreement will take effect if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.

What the agreement covers

This is a trade agreement that acts as an additional agreement to the UK-Switzerland trade agreement.

The UK-Switzerland-Liechtenstein trade agreement will be the basis for economic and trade relations between the UK, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It extends relevant parts of the UK-Switzerland trade agreement to Liechtenstein. It is required because Liechtenstein forms part of the Swiss customs territory.

This trade agreement maintains the effects of the main EU-Switzerland-Liechtenstein agreements relating to trade in a trilateral context.

When is the agreement active

This agreement will take effect after Brexit, when the EU-Switzerland-Liechtenstein trade related agreements no longer apply to the UK.


If you have queries about trade after Brexit contact the Department for International Trade (DIT).

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Published 8 August 2019