UK-Chile association agreement

Documents relating to the UK-Chile association agreement.

This UK-Chile association agreement can take effect on 12 April 2019 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, or at the end of an implementation period.

Summary of the agreement

The UK-Chile agreement is a comprehensive agreement which establishes a political and economic association between the UK and Chile. It maintains the effects of the EU-Chile agreement in a bilateral context.

The UK-Chile agreement covers:

  • trade in goods - including provisions on rules of origin, preferential tariffs and quotas
  • trade in services
  • intellectual property
  • geographical indications
  • government procurement

Finally, it also replicates the wider elements of the EU-Chile agreement such as provisions on political dialogue and other forms of cooperation, including on human rights.

Type of agreement

This is an association agreement.

When the agreement is active

This agreement can take effect when the EU-Chile agreement no longer applies to the UK.

It is expected that this will be at the end of the implementation period if the withdrawal agreement is ratified, or on 12 April 2019 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Explanatory memorandum

Information on the association agreement including:

  • ministerial responsibility
  • policy considerations
  • implementation

Parliamentary report

Details of, and reasons for, any significant differences between the existing EU-Chile agreement and the new UK-Chile association agreement.

Treaty text

Agreement establishing an association agreement between the UK and Chile.

Published 6 February 2019