Students reapplying for Childcare Grant in 2019/20

The Childcare Grant process is improving for 2019/20

What’s changing for the 2019/20 academic year?

How we work out your Childcare Grant entitlement isn’t changing, but to make it easier than before, the grant will be paid directly to your childcare provider. The Childcare Grant will no longer be paid into your bank account. We’re working with the Childcare Grant Payment Service (CCGPS), who have created an online portal to allow you to confirm your childcare costs.


This new process will start from the 2019/20 academic year. We’ll continue to send the CCG2 form for you to confirm your actual childcare costs for the rest of the current 2018/19 academic year.

How you apply

From the 2019/20 academic year, you can now apply for Childcare Grant (CCG) online alongside your main student finance application.

Estimating your costs

You won’t need to fill in a paper application form to send any estimates of your childcare costs, we’ll use your household income to work out how much CCG you can get. You’ll get a letter to confirm the amount.

New CCGPS online portal

You’ll get an email inviting you to register with CCGPS on their website. You can then set up your online account to manage your payments. The amount you’ve been awarded will show as a balance on your account. You might not use all of this, and any remaining balance will be returned to us.

Confirming your costs

You won’t need to complete a CCG2 form to confirm your actual childcare costs. From the 2019/20 academic year, the CCGPS online portal will allow childcare providers to submit their costs online for you to approve.

Paying your childcare provider

  • You’ll be contacted each time your childcare provider sends us a request for payment.
  • You just need to sign in, check that the amounts are correct, and approve it.
  • If you approve the costs submitted by your childcare provider, the payment will be taken from your Childcare Grant balance and paid directly to them.

Applying in the 2019/20 academic year

You can apply for student finance, including Childcare Grant, now.

What is the Childcare Grant Payment Service?

The Childcare Grant Payment Service is an online platform enabling parents to manage their Childcare Grant by authorising and sending payments to childcare providers electronically. CCGPS is administered by Wider Plan, a recognised government partner for the Nursery Milk Scheme. Wider Plan is also an employee benefits provider with extensive experience of working with parents and childcare providers through delivery of their childcare voucher scheme.

Published 11 January 2019