Spa therapy apprenticeships

Types of apprenticeships that you can apply for in the spa therapy sector.

Spa therapists help to improve the overall well-being of their clients by providing a variety of body treatments, from facials to water treatments. They can offer relaxation treatments or focus on health and fitness by working alongside nutritionists.

Training opportunities

The spa therapy industry is diverse and growing, with jobs available at home and abroad in resorts, cruise liners, and health clubs.

There is also plenty of room for growth. You can extend your skills by gaining qualifications in holistic therapies, nutrition and first aid.

Types of apprenticeships

This is an advanced level apprenticeship, so apprentices must first complete a level 2 qualification in another subject, such as beauty therapy or nail services, or be able to show relevant experience (this could include a background in hairdressing, fitness or nutrition, as spa therapy is a diverse industry).

Advanced apprentices will work as spa therapists and carry out:

  • spa treatments
  • body and head massage
  • tanning
  • electrotherapy treatments.

You will also become knowledgeable in all aspects of heat and wet treatments including:

  • flotation
  • sauna
  • steam
  • hot tub

You will also learn how to set up and monitor spa facilities. You might specialise in one or two areas, or have a broader role.

Job roles

  • spa therapist