How to make sure goods and other items are loaded, secured and unloaded safely from HGVs, trailers, vans and cars.

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Applies to England, Scotland and Wales

When you transport goods in a heavy goods vehicle (HGV), trailer, van or car, you need to make sure they are loaded, transported and unloaded safely.

This code of practice will help you:

  • follow the law
  • decide the best way to transport goods safely
  • load and unload vehicles safely

It’s for:

  • vehicle operators (whether you hold an operator licence or not)
  • drivers
  • companies loading vehicles (‘consignors’)

This guide has replaced ‘Safety of loads on vehicles: code of practice’ and ‘Load securing: vehicle operator guidance’.

Terms used in this guide

In this guide, a vehicle can also mean a trailer or an articulated combination.

Following this guidance is only compulsory where it says you ‘must’ or ‘must not’ do something. However, it’s your responsibility to assess the risks of your own operation and follow the law.