RPA Remittance advice guidance

When you receive a payment from RPA, we’ll also send you a remittance advice which gives details about your payment.

Read the information below which explains what is shown on your remittance advice.


This is the BACS payment reference that will appear on your bank statement.

Agreement and Claim Number

For most customers, this is your claim number.

However, for Environmental Stewardship, the invoice number and agreement reference number is shown.

For Countryside Stewardship, this is the agreement reference number. If you have multiple Countryside Stewardship agreements, a maximum of 3 agreement numbers are listed. If the text ‘additional agreements’ shows on your invoice, it means that you have more than the 3 agreements listed.


This is the scheme the payment relates to.

For Countryside Stewardship, this will also show whether the claim is ‘Capital’ or ‘Revenue’.

Marketing year

This is the year relating to the claim and payment.

However, for Countryside Stewardship this is the year the agreement started.

Transaction Date

This is the date the payment was made. The payment is likely to reach your bank account 2 working days after this date.

Amount and Transaction Currency

This is the value and currency of the payment that was paid into your bank account.

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Published 31 October 2019