Reuse DVSA learning materials

How to get permission from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to reuse its learning materials and the rules you must follow.

About DVSA learning materials

DVSA encourages licensed reuse of its learning materials. You need a licence from DVSA to use its:

  • theory test revision question banks
  • simulated hazard perception test clips
  • photographs, images and graphics
  • other intellectual property

Types of licence you can get

There are 5 different types of licence that you can get:

  • royalty-based
  • royalty-based translation
  • education or research
  • British Sign Language
  • memorandum of understanding

The type of licence you’ll need will depend on how you want to reuse DVSA’s learning materials.


A royalty-based licence lets you reuse DVSA’s learning materials in an English-language product you plan to make and sell. It lasts for 3 years, but you can renew it.

You must pay DVSA royalties for every 3 months. Royalties are typically 13% of net sales revenue (licensee income after tax) made from your products which are typically (but not exclusively) web-based or downloadable mobile phone applications, CDs, DVDs or books. Sales can also include revenue from subscriptions.

Royalty-based translation

You need this licence for commercial products resulting from your translation of DVSA learning materials into a language other than English. A product might also include elements such as learning English for theory and driving tests, if you wish to include this.

You can promote your translated products made under the licence free of charge on the Safe Driving for Life website.

Sample terms: DVSA translation licence

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Education or research

You need this licence to use licensed materials for educational or research purposes if you’re:

  • an educational establishment and you do not charge pupils for access to the material and there’s no commercial gain
  • doing a research project or coursework and want to use its licensed material

You must confirm that the finished work is not copied, sold, published electronically or made available for sale.

British Sign Language

You need this licence if you want to translate DVSA’s material for the deaf or hard of hearing. You can produce and sell any type of product and do not have to pay DVSA royalties on your sales.

Memorandum of understanding

You need a memorandum of understanding to reuse crown copyright material if you’re a non-UK government or other UK government department.

Apply for a licence

  1. Download and fill in the application for a DVSA Crown copyright licence (PDF, 199KB, 3 pages).

  2. Save the application form on your computer.

  3. Email the application form to

Reuse theory test revision questions

DVSA does not publish the actual multiple-choice questions and answers used in the theory test, but you can reuse the DVSA theory test revision questions.

You can get revision questions for these test types:

  • car
  • motorcycle
  • large goods vehicle (LGV) and passenger carrying vehicle (PCV)
  • approved driving instructor (ADI) part 1

You’ll need to download the revision questions and images. DVSA will send you details of how to do this when your application has been approved.

Knowledge and understanding text

DVSA theory test revision question banks include ‘knowledge and understanding text’ which:

  • explains the context of a question
  • must be included with every question in your product
  • adds value to your product

Reuse hazard perception clips

You can get DVSA simulated hazard perception test clips. These clips are not used in the actual test, but look very similar.

DVSA offers 20 computer-generated imagery (CGI) clips that include:

  • an introductory video explaining how to use the clips
  • a scoring window time frames

The CGI clips all show potential hazards and hazards that develop into a situation that would make the user respond by changing speed or direction.

Clip details

Disc files - type Number of clips Price (without VAT)
CGI (MPEG-4) 10 (clips 1 to 10) £500
CGI (MPEG-4) 10 (clips 11 to 20) £500 (£300 if you’ve already bought CGI clips 1 to 10)
CGI (MPEG-4) 20 (clips 1 to 20) £800

Email if you want to buy hazard perception clips and get an invoice.

Reuse images and photography

DVSA has an image library on Flickr.

Press and media can get permission to reuse images for press purposes by sending an email to

More extensive use of DVSA’s images is allowed by agreeing an image bank licence agreement. The cost per image is:

  • £100 plus VAT for up to 14 images
  • £75 plus VAT for 15 images and above

Form: request for images

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Reuse The Highway Code

You can reuse The Highway Code on GOV.UK without asking for permission, but you need to follow the Open Government Licence.

How DVSA protects its copyrighted material

DVSA protects its material against unlicensed use and constantly monitors the use of its material. It will:

  • pursue any case where material has been used without its permission
  • take any necessary legal action in order to protect Crown copyright

You can report infringements to DVSA.

DVSA Crown Copyright

Intellectual Property Department
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Jubilee House
Croydon Street


Phone 0117 954 3260

Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.

How DVSA trades fairly

The Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 (PSI) provides a framework for making the reuse of information held by public bodies easier. PSI Regulations set out the rules that public sector bodies should follow when providing documents for reuse.

DVSA has a delegation of authority from the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office which enables it to license reuse of Crown copyright material the DVSA produces.

Complain about how DVSA trades

You should email the DVSA Intellectual Property Team if you’re unhappy and do not feel DVSA has followed the rules in the PSI regulations:

If you cannot settle matters through DVSA’s complaints procedure complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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