Report your gender pay gap data

Use this service to report the pay gap between men and women in your organisation.

You must report your gender pay gap data if your organisation has 250 or more employees (also known as your employee ‘headcount’) on a specific date. This specific date is called the ‘snapshot date’.

Deadlines for reporting

The deadlines are:

  • 30 March – for most public authority employers
  • 4 April – for private, voluntary and all other public authority employers

What you need to report

You need to report the:

  • percentage of men and women in each hourly pay quarter
  • average hourly gender pay gap
  • percentage of men and women who received bonus pay
  • average gender bonus pay gap
  • person in your organisation who is responsible for the data
  • link to your written statement if your organisation is reporting as a private, voluntary or other public authority employer

Read more about the gender pay gap information employers must report.

You can input, edit and save your calculations if you are not ready to submit them.

If someone else has previously reported your employer’s gender pay gap information, you will need to create your own user account to use this service.

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Published 10 January 2022