Report landfill data (England only)

How to send landfill emissions and monitoring data to the Environment Agency.

Your landfill permit or licence will list the data you must report and when you have to send it.

Report landfill emissions and monitoring data

Use this service to report periodic emissions and monitoring data to the Environment Agency. You’ll need access to email so we can send you a confirmation code.

Who can use the online service

You should only use this service if we told you that your company has been set up to use the report landfill data service. If your company hasn’t been set up, please continue to use your usual method to report data.

How to prepare your data

Follow the landfill data formatting rules to prepare a CSV data file. You can use the service to check the format of your data files.

You must use all the following landfill data allowed values:

Send schedule 5 or 6 notifications

You’ll need to send a schedule 5 or 6 notification to the Environment Agency when:

  • emissions from your site breach a limit in your permit or you breach a permit condition
  • there’s an incident which may significantly affect the environment, such as a fire or flood

Your permit will say how to send the notification to the Environment Agency. It will also give a time limit for sending the notification. This is usually within 24 hours.

Send annual or other interpretive reports

Send your annual report and other reports required by your permit using the method agreed with your local regulatory team or site inspector. If you don’t have an agreed method, check the permit conditions to find out how to send the reports.

Send waste returns

Operators with an environmental permit must complete waste returns to tell the Environment Agency about the waste they have received or removed from their site.

Find out how to complete national operator waste returns.

Other guidance

See also the landfill sector technical guidance.

Published 1 August 2017