Regulation Committee

The Regulation Committee is responsible for the regulation of social housing.

About the Regulation Committee

The regulation of social housing is the responsibility of the Regulation Committee, a statutory committee of the Homes and Communities Agency. The organisation refers to itself as the Regulator of Social Housing in undertaking the functions of the regulatory committee. References in any enactment or instrument to the Regulator of Social Housing are references to the HCA acting through the Regulation Committee. Homes England is the trading name of the HCA’s non-regulation functions.

Committee members

The committee members are appointed by the Secretary of State.

Current members are:

  • Liz Butler
  • Simon Dow, interim Chair
  • Richard Moriarty
  • Ceri Richards

We are in the process of recruiting further Committee members.

Register of interests

You can find out more about each committee member through the register of interests page.

Published 11 January 2018