Regulating GCSEs, AS and A levels: guide for schools and colleges

Information for schools and colleges about Ofqual's regulation of GCSEs, AS and A levels

Students in England take around 5 million GCSEs, 250,000 AS and 750,000 A levels every year.

This guide explains how Ofqual regulates the exam boards that provide GCSEs, AS and A levels, what schools and colleges can expect from exam boards and what exam boards, in turn, expect from schools and colleges.

It does not cover any other qualifications which might be taken as alternatives to GCSEs, AS and A levels.

  1. About GCSEs, AS and A levels General information about GCSEs, AS and A levels, and how we regulate them
  2. Assessment How GCSEs, AS and A levels are assessed
  3. Reasonable adjustments Information about changes to assessments to support disabled students
  4. Special consideration Support for students affected by illness, injury or other events outside their control
  5. Marking and moderation How GCSEs, AS and A levels are marked and moderated
  6. Grading How grades are set for GCSEs, AS and A levels
  7. Reviews and appeals What to do if you think a student's mark is wrong or an exam board hasn't followed its processes properly
  8. Malpractice, cheating and exam fraud What exam boards must do to prevent it, and how to report it