Register with the Rural Payments Agency

Either call the Rural Payments Agency (RPA), or fill in a Customer Registration Form (CReg 01) to register details for you and your business.

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Updated information is now available on the register for rural payments page

Register over the phone

Call 03000 200 301 and choose the ‘register or amend your details’ option. Tell RPA:

  • your name and contact details
  • the name and address of your business
  • the legal status of your business
  • the address of your agricultural land, including the grid reference or post code (if known)
  • the name and address of anyone else you’d like to authorise (empower) to act on behalf of your business
  • your bank details

Register by paper

If you don’t want to register over the phone, you can fill in a blank Customer Registration Form (PDF, 114KB, 8 pages) (CReg 01).

Fill in a CReg01 form

Download a blank CReg 01 form, or call RPA and ask for one. Before you fill in the form, read the guidance (PDF, 898KB, 30 pages).

Send it to RPA

When you’ve filled it in, send it to:

Rural Payments Agency
Lancaster House
Hampshire Court
Newcastle Business Park
Newcastle Upon Tyne

What happens next

When you register, RPA will give you a Personal Identifier (PI) and 1 or more of the following for your business.

  • Single Business Identifier (SBI)
  • County Parish Holding (CPH) number
  • Trader Registration Number (TRN)
  • Vendor Registration Number (VRN)

These are unique reference numbers that identify your business.

Published 14 July 2014