Register an electric vehicle for the EV chargepoint grant scheme: guidance for vehicle manufacturers

How manufacturers can add their vehicles to the list of vehicles which are eligible for the electric vehicle chargepoint grant schemes.

The government offers a grant to owners of plug-in vehicles to help with the cost of installing an EV chargepoint.

To be eligible for the grant the vehicle must be on the OZEV-approved list.

Vehicle manufacturers can apply to have their vehicles added to the list using the link in the ‘Apply to register a vehicle’ section of this guidance.


To be eligible for the scheme, a vehicle must be either a battery electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. It must be able to utilise an electric-vehicle chargepoint.

The following vehicle types are eligible:

  • cars - must be within the M1 category, as defined under Regulation (EU) 2018/858
  • vans - must be within the N category, as defined under Regulation (EU) 2018/858
  • taxis - must be within the M1 category, as defined under Regulation (EU) 2018/858
  • motorcycles - must be in category L3e-A1, L3e-A2, or L3e-A3, as defined under Regulation (EU) 168/2013

Vehicle variants

If all variants of a vehicle model will be electric, then there is no need to provide details of variants of that model.

If a vehicle model has both electric and non-electric variants, you should provide details of the electric variants. You should provide details of any new electric variants of the model that come to market. If you do not, these will not be automatically listed as an eligible vehicle.

If you are unsure whether a new variant of a vehicle needs to be notified, contact

Multi-stage builds

Any multi-stage built M1 vehicle will need to have been approved as a completed vehicle (that comprises both chassis and bodywork).

Apply to register a vehicle

Only vehicle manufacturers can register a vehicle.

Apply to register a vehicle

OZEV process applications as soon as they are received and aim to make a decision within 2 months.

Once an application is submitted OZEV will determine whether the vehicle meets the criteria. If the vehicle passes, OZEV will inform the applicant and add it to the online EVHS eligibility list.

If the vehicle fails, OZEV will contact the applicant to explain why. They will either request additional evidence / information or conclude the application.

Information required

To complete an application a vehicle manufacturer will need their:

  • company registration number
  • address where the company is registered
  • a contact person and their contact details
  • details of the vehicle make and model
  • the vehicle type approval number
Published 4 July 2022