Public land for sale by the Homes and Communities Agency

Public land the Homes and Communities Agency has for sale and how it is sold to house builders and others for development.

Land for sale

The Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) Land Development and Disposal Plan publishes this annually. This lists the sites that are or are likely to be available for sale.

Search by location or government department to find government-owned property, buildings or land that’s available to rent or buy across the UK.

How the HCA sells land

Once the HCA owns a public land site it will either sell it on the open market immediately, or invest in the site to make it more suitable for development – for example by cleaning up any chemicals in the ground from past industrial use, or agreeing planning permission with the local council. This should make sites more valuable for the taxpayer and more attractive to house builders and other developers, because they can build on it more quickly.

Each site is either sold on the open market through traditional tender competitions, or the HCA selects a developer for the site through its Delivery Partner Panel. Sites are also advertised for sale in the Official Journal of the European Union and in other property magazines.

Published 1 July 2014