Professional users’ court and tribunal access scheme

A membership scheme permitting enhanced access through security in HMCTS buildings for registered holders with the appropriate scheme ID.

About the scheme

It’s aimed at professional court users such as qualified lawyers who routinely attend courts and tribunals. It allows them to enter our buildings without needing a routine security search on each visit, by verifying credentials which satisfy our robust, risk-based safety and security policy.

This benefits scheme members and assists the smooth running of courts and tribunals by helping to minimise delays on entry. Separate fast-access lanes for members are available during the busiest times of the day, where possible. A QR code on members’ ID cards is scanned to enable entry without further security checks, other than random screenings.

During the coronavirus outbreak we will continue to provide the professional users’ access scheme at courts operating the scheme wherever possible.

Who is eligible?

Registration for the scheme began with the Bar Council, which developed a secure ID card for its members.

The London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association (LCCSA) and Criminal Law Solicitors Association (CLSA) have also signed up to the scheme. Access to registration through these associations is not restricted to their members. All solicitors with practising certificates are able to sign up via this route, which has been made possible with the investment and support of the Law Society.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is also an eligible member organisation, demonstrating our commitment to broadening the scheme to a wider cohort of professional court users.

HMCTS is continuing to work with other organisations whose members or staff also wish to participate in the scheme.

How to register

Registration details for other organisations will be added as they join the scheme.

Published 24 June 2019
Last updated 24 September 2021 + show all updates
  1. Following full rollout, list of participating courts withdrawn.

  2. Information updated to include LCCSA, CLSA and CPS.

  3. Message about rollout dates removed.

  4. Scheme details updated.

  5. Manchester Crown Court (Crown Square) added.

  6. Courts in Birmingham and Liverpool added to the scheme.

  7. Nottingham Magistrates' Court added to scheme.

  8. Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court added to scheme.

  9. Cambridge Crown Court added to scheme.

  10. Manchester Civil Justice Centre (Civil and Family Courts) and Swansea Civil Justice Centre added to the scheme.

  11. Newport (South Wales) County Court and Family Court, Cardiff Civil and Family Justice Centre and Lewes Combined Court Centre added to scheme.

  12. Changes made to temporary courts. Stoke on Trent Combined Court and Uxbridge Magistrates' Court added.

  13. Lincoln County Court and Lincoln Crown Court added to the scheme.

  14. New venues added to scheme.

  15. Stoke on Trent Combined Court and Uxbridge Magistrates' Court added to the scheme.

  16. Stafford Crown Court added to the list

  17. Luton Justice Centre added to the list.

  18. Croydon Magistrates' Court added.

  19. Sheffield Magistrates' Court added to scheme.

  20. List of courts offering professional user access scheme updated

  21. Table of courts updated to highlight courts closed due to coronavirus.

  22. Page updated to explain that during the coronavirus pandemic the scheme may be operating slighlty differently in some buildings.

  23. Courts joining the scheme on 5 February 2020.

  24. New participating courts added.

  25. Add 10 new courts operating access scheme.

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