Pay the tax you owe on a capital gain straight away

Find out how to pay what you owe to HMRC if you've used the Capital Gains Tax online service.

Before you can pay what you owe

You’ll have to work out how much tax you need to pay on your capital gain and report the amount to HMRC using the Report Capital Gains Tax online service before you can pay the tax you owe.

You’ll also need the payment reference number that HMRC sent you when you reported your gain.

When to pay what you owe

You can pay the tax you owe as soon as HMRC have sent you your payment reference number.

The deadline for paying is the next 31 January after the end of the tax year you made a gain in. For example, if you made a gain between 6 April 2016 and 5 April 2017 the deadline to pay the tax due will be 31 January 2018.

You can be charged interest and have to pay a penalty if your payment is late.

How much time to allow for your payment to reach HMRC

The time you need to allow for payments to reach HMRC depends on how you pay.

Payment method Time to allow
Online or telephone banking (Faster Payments) Same or next day
CHAPS Same or next day
Bacs 3 working days
Post 3 working days (or longer if you’re posting from overseas)

Make sure your payment reaches HMRC on the last working day before 31 January if it’s on a weekend (unless you’re paying by Faster Payments).

Ways to pay what you owe

You can pay the tax due on your capital gain by:

  • Faster Payments
  • Bacs
  • cheque

Check your bank’s transaction limits and processing times before paying.

Pay by Faster Payments, online or telephone banking, CHAPS or Bacs

The bank details you’ll need are:

Sort code Account number Account name
08 32 10 12001020 HMRC Shipley

Pay by cheque

Make your cheque payable to ‘HM Revenue and Customs only’ and write your 14 digit reference number on the reverse. Take care to complete your cheque correctly as failure to do so can result in delays and penalties.

Send your cheque to:

HM Revenue and Customs

You do not need to include a street name, city name or PO box with this address.

If you’re sending a cheque for more than one disposal then note each payment reference against the amount.

Do not fold the cheque or attach it to other papers.

Published 20 October 2016
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