Overseas Market Introduction Service

Help for exporters from the Department for International Trade (DIT) overseas network.


DIT’s Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) can help your business at any stage of exporting - from finding opportunities to setting up in another country.


OMIS puts you in touch directly with DIT staff in over 100 overseas markets. It can help you:

  • access the right international contacts or partners
  • find the best way to do business in a market
  • achieve a successful market entry strategy
  • increase profits by using effective overseas promotion

How the service works

As a first point of contact, a DIT International Trade Advisor or an adviser from Scottish Development International, Welsh Government or Invest Northern Ireland will work with you on your export plan. The adviser will then contact DIT’s local experts who will carry out research on your behalf.

Work can include:

  • likelihood of success in the market and market entry strategies
  • business opportunities and identification of possible partners
  • advice on local conditions, including competitors, regulation and standards
  • advice on accessing and influencing decision makers
  • arrangements for a promotional event

The local experts will then discuss, develop and agree a quote. This can include:

  • pre-visit research and support
  • appointments with target customers or potential business partners or agents
  • organisation of receptions, meetings or seminars for you to present your product or service


UK companies, either based in the UK or with an overseas presence overseas, can apply for the service. For more information on eligibility contact your local International Trade Team


Costs are based on the time reqiuired to deliver the work. For example, a short report identifying potential distributors can be delivered from £500 upwards. A very comprehensive piece of work, or a number of activities in different markets, will cost more.

In some cases the quote may suggest additional costs which you will need to meet, such as venue hire or catering for an event. Any costs need to be identified in advance and agreed to before starting the activity.

How to make an enquiry

Contact your International Trade Team to find out more information. A member of the team will be in touch within five working days to discuss your needs and the service options which are best suited to you.

Case studies

Find out how the Overseas Market Introduction Service has helped companies increase their profits by exporting:

Further information

If you are already registered as an OMIS user and need to view the status of any activities you have already commissioned, you can log on to the website to view their progress