Online security information for election candidates

This page brings together advice from social media platforms about online security.

Most social media companies provide advice about online security. This includes how to recognise deliberately misleading news and content, also known as disinformation, and how to report online abuse, intimidation and threats.

  • Twitter has general guidance on online safety and quick links to guidance on security of your account and tweets and how to report offensive content and abuse. Parties and candidates can report abusive content directly via email.
  • Facebook (which owns Instagram and WhatsApp) provides general guidance on online safety and provides support for those running for elected office, as well as specific guidance on reporting abusive content or behaviour.
  • Google (which owns YouTube) provides guidance to help stay protected from digital attacks, and resources that support reliable election information and reporting. This includes information on action to take to protect against online abuse.
Published 22 May 2019