NMO: product certification

Information for manufacturers.

Product certification, sometimes called type examination, involves the rigorous testing of instruments at the design stage to ensure they comply with the regulations. We can provide conformity assessment and issue certificates under:

Within Europe, the vast majority of instruments are covered by the Measuring Instruments and NAWI Directives. To be certified under either, they must meet the essential requirements – applicable to all instruments – and any instrument-specific requirements.

Outside Europe, the instrument must meet the national regulations that apply to it in that country. This criterion can sometimes be met by certification to an OIML recommendation.

Process overview

  1. Complete and submit the online application form at the bottom of this page. You will soon be contacted by an NMO engineer.
  2. Discuss your requirement with the engineer, who will then give a quotation.
  3. Provide technical documentation on the instrument to the engineer. What should be submitted will depend on the regulations concerned but is likely to include, for example, a general description of the instrument, design drawings, logic diagrams and software information for electronic devices, details of manufacturing procedures to ensure consistent production, and appropriate test results.
  4. If requested, send a sample of the instrument to us for testing. In this case, the engineer will ask when you can make it available, agree the date of delivery, and reserve a place in the testing laboratory schedule.
  5. The engineer will review the technical document and test the instrument (where supplied) to determine whether there is compliance with the regulations.
  6. Where the instrument meets the relevant requirements, NMO will send you an appropriate certificate. This will be placed on its website as an online record. Where the instrument does not meet the relevant requirements, the engineer will contact you to discuss the best route forward. This will depend on the nature of the failure and associated problem.

It is essential to note that product certification only approves the design of an instrument. The actual instruments must be approved as well before they are placed on the market. Usually, manufacturers obtain quality management system certification so that they can conduct this initial verification themselves. However, the Directives allow other options. For example, initial verification can be conducted by a Notified Body, and this can be more appropriate for specialised instruments manufactured in low numbers.

To make an enquiry about a specific instrument type:

Grégory Glas, Lead Technical Manager

General enquiries, conformity assessment procedures

Intoxicating liquor measurement, cubic measures, length measuring instruments, multi-dimensional measuring instruments, dynamic axle weighers 07881 359 359

Marek Bokota, Technical Manager

Fuel dispensers, Self Service Devices, Outside Payment Terminals, road tankers, water meters, heat meters, gas meters 07825 272 566

Wei Ji, Type Approval Engineer

Non-automatic weighing instruments, Point of Sales, automatic weighing instruments, load cells, taximeters, capacity serving measures, material measures of length 07825 280 588

Published 21 January 2018