Nail services apprenticeships

Types of apprenticeships that you can apply for in the nail services sector.

This apprenticeship covers a range of creative skills used in nail services, such as cleaning, decorating, extending and pampering nails. Nail technicians use a variety of techniques, from hot oil treatments to airbrushing. They can also spot, and in some cases treat, certain nail and skin diseases.

Training opportunities

As a nail services apprentice, you will work as a junior nail technician and assist senior nail technicians in performing manicures, pedicures, natural nail wraps, hand and nail treatments, nail extensions and basic nail art techniques.

This career offers opportunities to progress into salon management or sales and marketing for product companies.

Types of apprenticeships

On the advanced level apprenticeship, you could work as a nail technician or even a session and photographic nail artist.

You will have the opportunity to develop specialist skills in creative nail work by planning, designing and creating images for nail art – you may even get involved with photoshoots or competitions. You will also learn how to maintain and repair a range of artificial nail systems.

Working as a nail technician requires social skills as well as technical ones. You will need to enjoy working with people in addition to managing appointments, creating new designs, and following strict health and safety procedures.

Job roles

Intermediate level apprenticeship

  • junior nail technician

Advanced level apprenticeship

  • nail technician