Morpheus Project: next generation tactical communication information systems for defence

Information for industry on how to engage and keep up to date with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Morpheus Project.

What is the Morpheus Project

Morpheus is a defence project that will deliver the next generation of Tactical Communication and Information Systems (TacCIS) capability. It will address critical system obsolescence and introduce a more agile TacCIS solution (both technical and business). This will enable emergent technology to be rapidly exploited for user benefit, will be more responsive to changes in user need, and will realise efficiencies in the way in which TacCIS capability is acquired and supported.

Background information

In November 2014 the Battlefield Tactical Communications and Information Systems (BATCIS) delivery team released an acquisition strategy paper outlining the approach for the future procurement of Morpheus. This approach included a 2 part assessment phase (AP):

AP 1: tasked with identifying and characterising a range of viable acquisition options (consisting of a business model, transition plan, and architecture options), based on the principal approaches of ‘Sustain’, ‘Evolve’, ‘Replace’.

AP 2: tasking a delivery partner to undertake a detailed design of the acquisition options proposed during AP 1, with a supporting recommendation to take forward to a development phase.

In September 2015, BATCIS announced an acceleration of the approach in recognition that ‘Replace’ did not represent a viable option and that there was a need to evolve the current system through the support of a transition partner and other suppliers, to deliver an open agile system, termed Evolve to Open (EvO).

How to find out more

There are 2 mechanisms for engaging with Morpheus:

1. Morpheus Industry Engagement Portal

This portal aims to provide broad updates on Morpheus project topics including project timelines, events, capping papers, and more.

To sign up to the Morpheus Industry Engagement Portal, please email: to register your interest. You will subsequently receive a brief application form to return.

Note: This portal has superseded and the Morpheusneo SharePoint site.

2. Tactical Architecture Forum (TAF) Portal

This portal aims to provide an engagement mechanism on architecture, currently limited to the Morpheus project but with a wider remit in the future.

To sign up to the TAF Portal, please email: to register your interest. You will subsequently receive a brief application form to return.

Published 1 August 2016