Morpheus Programme: next generation tactical communication information systems for defence

Information for industry on how to engage and keep up to date with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Morpheus Programme.

What is the Morpheus Programme?

Morpheus is a £3.2 billion defence programme delivering the next generation of Tactical Communication and Information Systems (TacCIS) to forces operating in a Land Environment, inclusive of the Royal Navy in the littoral environment and elements of the Royal Air Force. The programme is delivered by the Battlefield Tactical Communications and Information Systems (BATCIS) Delivery Team in conjunction with Army HQ and Joint Forces Command. Morpheus will give access to fully integrated operational information technology that simplifies the user experience, allowing units to focus on the mission.

Background information

Morpheus is the first installation of Defence as a Platform (DaaP) in the tactical environment. By evolving the current Bowman system into the next generation of tactical communications, Morpheus enables evolutionary capability development in a way that has been impossible before.

In Spring 2017, Morpheus entered the second Assessment Phase, termed Evolve to Open (EvO). The EvO phase will change the current vendor tied system into a vendor independent and open information architecture system enabling the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to have greater flexibility over the future evolution of the system. This will enable the MOD to integrate and deploy new capabilities selected from across Industry in a faster and more cost effective manner.

The benefits Morpheus will deliver to the front line soldier include:

  • improved end-to-end shared situational awareness from soldiers to HQ
  • increased bandwidth and a more resilient network, allowing soldiers to get the information they need, when they need it
  • open architecture enabling interoperability by design, giving the ability to develop and deliver applications in the way soldiers want – leading to better usability and at a faster pace by selecting from across Industry rather than one Prime Contractor

How to find out more

There are 2 mechanisms for engaging with Morpheus:

1. Morpheus Industry Engagement Portal

This portal aims to provide broad updates on Morpheus programme topics including project timelines, events, capping papers, and more.

To sign up to the Morpheus Industry Engagement Portal, please email to register your interest. You will subsequently receive a brief application form to return.

Note: This portal has superseded and the Morpheusneo SharePoint site.

2. Tactical Architecture Forum (TAF) Portal

This portal aims to provide an engagement mechanism on architecture, currently limited to the Morpheus programme but with a wider remit in the future.

To sign up to the TAF Portal, please email to register your interest. You will subsequently receive a brief application form to return.

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