How schools and colleges can meet IT service and digital equipment standards.

These standards should be used as guidelines to support your school or college use the right digital infrastructure and technology. More digital and technology categories will be added to the service.

Meeting them can help you make more informed decisions about technology leading to safer, more cost-efficient practices and new learning opportunities for students.

The standards are to be used by everyone involved in the planning and use of technology within schools and colleges, including:

  • senior leadership teams
  • IT staff
  • suppliers
  • technical advisers
  • teachers

The standards can help your school or college with:

  • budgeting for technology procurement and maintenance
  • buying technology equipment and services
  • renewing a contract with a technology provider to ensure their purchases meet your needs
  • correctly installing new equipment

You should:

  1. Read each technology category and its standards.

  2. Review the standards and see if your school or college meets them.

  3. Speak with your ICT supplier or in-house support team to find out what can be done if you’re not currently meeting the standards.

If you need to buy new technology to meet the standards, you can get help buying for your school.

This is a new service from the Department for Education and your feedback will help us improve it.