Maritime and shipping statistics information

Guide to maritime and shipping statistics including notes and definitions, quality information and supporting technical documents.

Maritime statistics overview

A summary of the maritime statistics collected and published by DfT.

Guide to maritime statistics (PDF, 310 KB, 2 pages)

Port freight statistics information

Port freight statistics are based on returns from port operators and shipping lines and agents. Further details for shipping lines, their agents and ports on completing statistical returns on maritime freight traffic through ports, as required the Statistical Returns (Carriage of Goods and Passengers by Sea) Regulations 1997, can be found on the maritime statistics directive page.

Port freight statistics: notes and definitions (PDF, 2.05 MB, 29 pages)

Quarterly port freight background information (PDF, 214 KB, 1 page)

Port freight statistics background quality report (PDF, 1.03 MB, 22 pages)

Waterborne freight statistics information

Information on freight traffic carried on inland waters and around the coast of the United Kingdom, produced from a number of sources. Covers inland waters traffic, traffic carried around the UK coast, one-port traffic to and from offshore installations and sea dredging.

In 2007, an inventory giving details of the physical infrastructure of inland waterways which are used to carry freight was conducted. A summary report and a detailed inventory of individual waterways, wharves and inland waterway craft were produced.

Domestic waterborne freight: notes and definitions (PDF, 1.38 MB, 14 pages)

Waterborne freight benchmark report: 2007 (PDF, 597 KB, 20 pages)

Waterborne freight benchmark data: 2007 (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 340 KB)

Sea passenger statistics information

Sea passenger statistics: background quality report (PDF, 1.23 MB, 11 pages)

Sea passenger statistics: summary of user feedback (PDF, 256 KB, 5 pages)

Sea passenger statistics: notes and definitions

Shipping fleet statistics information

Shipping fleet statistics: notes and definitions (PDF, 303 KB, 7 pages)

Seafarer statistics information

Seafarer statistics: technical note

Seafarer statistics: background quality report

Other documents

Editions of the previously produced Maritime Statistics compendium are available from archived publications. These were produced up until 2009.

In 2009 to 2010, Department for Transport commissioned a survey of port authorities and port related businesses, looking at employment and the incidence of accidents. A summary and full report of the findings are available.

Port employment and accident rates: 2009 to 2010 summary (PDF, 47.9 KB, 5 pages)

Port employment and accident rates: 2009 to 2010 full report (PDF, 702 KB, 104 pages)

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