Manage your water abstraction or impoundment licences online

Use this service to view and share your licence information.

You can view the information on each of your water abstraction or impoundment licences by creating an online account.

You can also:

  • check your licence start and end dates
  • check your points and periods of abstraction
  • give other people access to view your licence information

About this digital service

We’re modernising the water resources licensing service. One part of this work is to upgrade the water resources IT systems. This includes moving paper based licences into a digital format. You can find information about the latest upgrades to the service on this webpage.

Find out about the planned reforms in the Water abstraction plan: Abstraction licensing service.

The information included in this service does not replace or affect the legal (paper) copy of the licence issued to you. The information must be used for reference only. You must refer to and comply with the licence issued to you as a paper copy when you make decisions about abstracting or impounding water.

Published 27 March 2018
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