Make a claim under the enemy property compensation schemes

How to claim for compensation under the Enemy Property Payment scheme or Baltic States scheme.

During the Second World War the UK government confiscated assets in British territories owned by residents of enemy countries under the Trading with the Enemy Act 1939.

The Enemy Property Payment scheme and Baltic States scheme were established to compensate those who had their assets in the UK incorrectly confiscated. Claimants can be victims of Nazi persecution or those who were only considered ‘enemies’ at the time because their countries were under occupation.

How to apply for compensation

If you believe that you are eligible you can seek further information from:

Andrew Mason
Enemy Property Claims Assessment Panel (EPCAP) Secretariat
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
1 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0ET
United Kingdom


The secretariat will check the records and let you know what information and supporting documentation is required.

How claims are assessed

Both schemes are administered by an independent Enemy Property Compensation Advisory Panel (ECAP). Their role is to consider and make decisions on these claims. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy provides a secretariat to the panel.

Further information


Published 19 October 2017