List a teaching job at your school on Teaching Vacancies

Use this service to list a teaching job at your school and view the jobs you have already listed.

List a teaching job at your school

Teaching Vacancies is a free service for publicly funded schools that provide primary and secondary education in England.

Staff involved in hiring teachers for these schools can use it to:

  • list a teaching job on the service, which jobseekers everywhere can search for free
  • view jobs they have previously listed on the service

Start now

Before you start

To list jobs you must have an account and sign into the service.

You can get an account if you work at a publicly funded school or trust providing primary or secondary education in England and have been authorised by your headteacher or CEO. Just ask them to send your full name and email address to Or email us your details directly, copying in your headteacher or CEO.

By listing a job you agree to the Teaching Vacancies terms and conditions.

Before beginning you will need to have details of the role to hand, including:

  • duties and responsibilities
  • salary range
  • working pattern (full-time or part-time)
  • candidate specifications (essential education, qualifications and experience)
  • your contact email and a link to the existing application page
  • the date the role will be listed
  • the application deadline


If you have problems using the service, including issues with your account or sign-in, please email

Published 20 November 2018