List a teaching job at your school on Teaching Vacancies

Use this service to list a teaching job at your school and view the jobs you have already listed.

Applies to England

Teaching Vacancies is a free job-listing service from the Department for Education.

All state funded schools and trusts in England can use Teaching Vacancies, as well as local authorities who list vacancies on behalf of schools.

You can use Teaching Vacancies to:

  • list teaching, leadership and education support jobs at your school or trust for free
  • receive applications from candidates by using the Teaching Vacancies application form
  • directly publish and edit your jobs, and manage applications, through a personalised dashboard

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Published 20 November 2018
Last updated 4 June 2020 + show all updates
  1. Updated information in 'Before you start', which covers the details needed when making a listing.

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