Indian Innovation for Global Development

Taking Indian Innovation to Africa and South-Asia.

The programme supported SME growth by facilitating partnerships between innovative Indian enterprises and enterprises in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.


This is an archive of a site which had an online searchable database of 200+ organisations that provide financial and technical support to SMES.

Connect to Grow was a first-of-its kind enterprise matchmaking initiative, designed to help ambitious enterprises grow! It done this by creating partnerships between Indian enterprises and enterprises across South Asia and Africa, to improve people’s health and agricultural prospects.

ConnectToGrow: site content (PDF, 1.49MB, 25 pages)


We matched enterprises in India with enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia for profitable and socially beneficial partnerships


We helped partnerships to develop their proposition, agree a suitable partnership agreement and implement a well designed partnership venture


We supported partners in accessing finance and creating a plan to scale the venture. In turn, both enterprises grew through partnership resulting in increased profitability and social impact

Published 3 December 2018