How to publish central government spending over £25,000

Template for GOV.UK publication page for departmental core transparency data, to be published monthly.

Prepare the data

HM Treasury (HMT) provides guidance on how to prepare your data - including CSV templates, timing and appropriate approval processes.

Publish the data

Create a new GOV.UK publication page for each data release.

Publication page template

The publication title, summary, detail and file name is a government standard and must not be changed.

Publication type: Transparency data

Title: [Department name or acronym]: spending over £25,000, [month year]

Summary: Reports on departmental spending over £25,000.


[Department name] publishes details of all departmental spending over £25,000 on a monthly basis.

This data is also available on

  • [add bulleted links to the pages this data also appears on]


Policies: Government transparency and accountability

Policy areas: Government efficiency, transparency and accountability

CSV attachment titles:

  • [Department]’s spending over £25,000 for [month year]

When the dataset is published, add a link to it in your department’s section on

Collection page

Add the new publication to your department’s collection page for this data.

Make sure the collection page is tagged to the Government transparency and accountability policy.

Collection page template

Title: [Department name or acronym]: departmental spending over £25,000

Summary: All data on departmental spending over £25,000.

Body (optional):

[Department] publishes details of all departmental spending over £25,000 on a monthly basis.

Subheadings: Add headings for each calendar year, most recent first.

If there are no reports for a quarter, add ‘Nothing was reported in [month to month] [year].’ under the heading.

Published 14 December 2017