HMCTS reform events programme

A calendar of our online and face-to-face events.


We’re modernising our courts and tribunals system to make it more straightforward, accessible and efficient for both those who use it and for those working within it.

We recognise the vital role that our partners across the justice system play in helping us to understand the needs of courts and tribunals users and make the most of modern ways of working.

Upcoming events

We host a series of face-to-face and online events, providing a range of opportunities to get involved.

We’ll update this page with any new events.

Event Date and time Details Target audience Recording available
Common Platform webinar Wednesday 22 February at 1pm Live webinar for defence professionals on Common Platform Defence solicitors and barristers Yes
Support sessions on using Common Platform via MS Teams Tuesdays, 4.30pm and Thursdays, 9am Email to register for drop-in sessions to answer questions, offer advice and help with troubleshooting Defence solictors and barristers No

Previous events

You can search our YouTube playlist for previous recorded events.

Published 2 October 2018
Last updated 7 February 2023 + show all updates
  1. added the upcoming Common Platform webinar

  2. Removed event: update on the probate service for legal professionals as it took place on 13 December 2022

  3. Removed event: submitting applications for contested financial remedy on MyHMCTS as it's taken place on 24 November 2022

  4. Removed cancelled Common Platform event for defence professionals.

  5. Removed event: HMCTS overview of the Employment Tribunal project for legal professionals as it's been cancelled.

  6. Added 2 events in December: HMCTS overview of the Employment Tribunal project for legal professionals and HMCTS update on the probate service for legal professionals

  7. Added event: Common Platform for defence professionals, 24 November 2022.

  8. Updated table of upcoming events and added link to our Youtube playlist to access previous event recordings.

  9. Added upcoming events on 28 February and 3 March.

  10. Updated E-Filing webinar dates and previous events.

  11. New CE-Filing webinars added.

  12. New E-filing events added.

  13. Public User Event 5: Reforming Court & Tribunal Services Together added.

  14. Dates for online events for e-filing in the Queen's Bench Division added.

  15. Updated 27 July 2021 online event.

  16. Details for event on 27 July added.

  17. Introduction to E-filing events added

  18. New online E-Filing events for Upper Tribunal Tax and Chancery Chamber.

  19. Details for court safety webinar held on 21 February added.

  20. Online event added: Court safety for legal professionals, Thursday 21 January.

  21. Adding two new events for E-Filing.

  22. New online event added for civil and family courts & tribunals

  23. New online event added for family public law.

  24. Added new event

  25. Added new online event - Public User event, Tues 3-Thurs 5 Nov.

  26. Updated event time

  27. New online event added.

  28. HMCTS online event, 15 July 2020: Use of remote hearings to maintain justice during the coronavirus outbreak updated with link to event page added.

  29. New online event for remote hearings added for Wednesday 15 July 1-2pm.

  30. Civil reform: online personal injury and unspecified money claims (PD51S) event added.

  31. Crime webinar to be held on 22 April has been postponed.

  32. Immigration and Asylum appeal reform event in Birmingham postponed.

  33. Immigration and asylum appeals reform event in Birmingham added.

  34. New event added: Crime Reform: introducing the common platform.

  35. Events updataed.

  36. Family public law and adoption reform event on 23 Jan 2020 added.

  37. New electronic filing events added.

  38. Warrants of control event video and slides added.

  39. Tribunals reform: IAC appeals event added.

  40. Public User Engagement event on 4 November 2019 added.

  41. Online sessions for working with electronic filing in the Senior Courts Costs Office on 24, 25 and 26 September added.

  42. Civil reform: 28 Oct 2019 added.

  43. New civil e-filing events added.

  44. Summary of probate event held on 4 July added.

  45. Tribunals event for 26 June 2019 video and slides added.

  46. Online probate event added.

  47. New events added.

  48. New tribunals reform event on 26 June 2019 added.

  49. Civil Reform: online introduction to electronic filing dates added.

  50. Details of online event on 2 April 2019 added.

  51. Link to Tribunals reform event on 26 February.

  52. Civil reform: electronic filing (CE-File) events added

  53. Civil reform ce-file induction events added.

  54. Rearranged family reform event

  55. Link to crime event on 24 January 2019 materials added

  56. Family reform online event on 11 February added.

  57. New event added.

  58. Civil reform event - 11 March 2019 tickets available

  59. New events added

  60. International conference tickets update: reserve list only

  61. Link to presentation on 15 October added.

  62. First published.