Future of the Grenfell Tower site

Information and updates relating to management and future of the Grenfell Tower site.

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Memorial Commission

Prime Minister Theresa May gave her personal commitment that the community would be at the heart of deciding what happens to the Grenfell Tower site in the longer term.

The Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission, made up of representatives of the bereaved, survivors and local residents, will decide on the most fitting and appropriate way to remember those who lost their lives in the Grenfell tragedy.

This community-led Commission will develop a proposal for what happens to the Grenfell Tower site in the future and decide how the memorial site will be owned and managed in the long term.

The Commission will comprise 10 community representatives, with five from the bereaved families, and will seek the views of the local North Kensington community through its consultations.

Further information

Visit the Memorial Commission’s website for more information. You can contact the MHCLG Secretariat via and the Memorial Commission website.

You can read the full Terms of Reference for the Commission.

Please see the government’s written principles governing consultations on the future of the site, agreed with the community, for further information.

Grenfell Tower site

On 15 July 2019, government took ownership of the Grenfell Tower site, until its long-term future is determined by the community. The government legally now has freehold ownership of the site.

This means that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) will take no role in decisions about the management of the site. The government will make operational decisions, including on the security and safety of the site. The land is now ‘Crown land’ which is another name for land owned by government.

A legal restriction has been put in place so that the land cannot be used for any future purpose other than that determined by the community in accordance with the process agreed in the Principles.

Government will ensure that the bereaved, survivors and the community are kept regularly updated on management of the site and engaged on any operational decisions.

You can contact the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) team responsible for managing the site by email and phone:

0303 444 0011

We will be very happy to provide more information and answer any questions.

The existing Site Management team have joined the MHCLG Site Management team and you can continue to contact them using this email address and phone number.

If you have any ideas about how we can improve our communication and engagement, please let us know.

Digital signs at Grenfell Tower site

Three digital signs have been installed around the fencing at the Grenfell Tower site. The signs will provide information about the site, including any routine works, health and safety, and how to get in touch with the site management team. 

The signs are in 3 locations: Grenfell Road site entrance, Station Approach site entrance, and Grenfell Walk. 

This is a pilot phase and we are interested to hear your feedback or answer any questions you may have about the signs.

Want to get in touch?

  • Come to one of our regular drop-in sessions at the Curve, every Wednesday from 10am until 2pm. No appointment required.
  • Email
  • Call 0303 444 0011

Replacing the wrapping around Grenfell Tower

The outer wrapping surrounding Grenfell Tower is due to be replaced from February 2020. It’s estimated the work will take about 10 weeks, although this will be dependent on weather conditions.

This work is part of the routine maintenance of the Tower and happens every year. It’s the outer white layer of wrapping that will be replaced; the blue inner layer will not be changed. The building itself will not be visible at any time during the replacement. The Q&As below provide more information.

What is the wrapping that covers the tower?

There are two layers of wrapping attached to the scaffolding around Grenfell Tower – an inner layer of blue wrapping and an outer layer of white wrapping.

Why do you have the wrapping?

The two layers of wrapping protect the building from the weather and prevent falling into public places. The wrapping also sensitively and respectfully covers the building from view.

Why does the wrapping need to be changed?

The wrapping material deteriorates over time so we need to replace it occasionally to ensure it continues to be effective. It’s only the outer white layer that is being changed – the blue inner layer will not be changed as this is not as exposed to the weather.

Will this affect the banners at the top of the Tower?

The banners at the top of the Tower were designed in consultation with representatives of the bereaved and survivors, working with Grenfell United. They do not need to be replaced as part of this programme of works and will not be changed.

When will the outer layer of wrapping be changed?

We’re scheduled to start the work in February 2020. We’ll be replacing the outer layer wrapping on a floor-by-floor basis and expect this to take about 10 weeks. However, this timescale will very much depend on the weather. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this work and whether the timescales are likely to change.

What will I be able to see while the outer wrapping is being changed?

As the white wrapping is changed there may be times when you can see some of the blue inner layer of wrapping and scaffolding. You will not be able to see into the building, however, as that will be covered by the blue wrapping.

What impact will changing the wrapping have on me?

The wrapping work will not cause any extra noise, nor have any health risks, for people living nearby. We understand though that work in and around the Tower may cause feelings of distress or anxiety.

If you are feeling this way and need someone to talk to, please speak with your GP, or contact the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service by phone (020 8637 6279), email or by self-referring on the Grenfell Wellbeing website.

Do you have any concerns about the stability of the site?

No, the tower is safe and stable. This has been confirmed by a range of experts, including an independent surveyor, structural engineering consultants and the Health and Safety Executive. A number of measures have been put in place to keep the site safe and secure and we monitor it 24/7.

How are you consulting with the local community about this work?

The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government has been talking to local schools, residents, residents’ associations, community groups and neighbourhood teams about the rewrapping work and the schedule of activity. As a result of feedback, for instance, we’ll be completing works at times of the day which will limit disruption to local schoolchildren. If you live near to the Tower we’d like to keep you updated about the wrapping work and other issues to do with the site. If you’d like to receive our updates please get in touch using the contact details below.

How can I keep up-to-date with the wrapping work and other issues to do with the site?

You can keep up-to-date about the rewrapping work and the Grenfell Tower site generally in a number of ways:

  • Email our site management team or call them on 0303 444 0011 – they’ll be happy to help if you have any comments or questions.
  • Check out the digital signs placed on the hoardings around the site (from February 2020).
  • Come to one of our regular drop-in sessions at the Curve – these are publicised locally. No appointment is necessary, just pop in and say hello.
  • Continue to visit the Grenfell Community Updates page here on GOV.UK – this contains regular updates about the day-to-day management of the Grenfell Tower site.
  • Lastly, in February 2020 we expect to start sending out occasional text messages and emails from the Grenfell Tower site management team. You can subscribe for one or both of these by emailing your contact details to the site management team above or providing them at one of our drop-in sessions at the Curve.
Published 5 August 2019