Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a global drive to promote the open and accountable management of oil, gas and mineral resources.

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All information about and documents produced by the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative are now available on the UK EITI website.

The EITI ensures that each country manages its natural resources in a transparent and accountable way. In many resource-rich developing nations the benefits of resource extraction may be lost through mismanagement and corruption.

The initiative requires oil, gas and mining companies to voluntarily disclose their payments to government agencies. The payments are then reconciled with government receipts from the companies. This data is published in the annual EITI reports.

To find out more about EITI, the work of the group, or for guidance on UK EITI reporting, please visit their website:

UK EITI: Extractive industries in the UK
UK EITI Multi-Stakeholder Group

Published 23 May 2013
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  1. The UK EITI now has its own website:

  2. Link to 5th EITI report covering payments in 2018 added.

  3. Updated: waiver form, guidances and reporting templates for the 2018 reconciliation, and reflected name change of Moore Stephens to BDO UK.

  4. Link added to UK EITI report covering payments in 2017.

  5. Contact details updated.

  6. Added guidance and reporting templates for the 2017 reconciliation.

  7. Letter to stakeholders about Chapter 10.

  8. Added guidance and reporting templates for the 2016 reconciliation.

  9. Change of contact details

  10. Added templates for the 2015 reconciliation and updated guidance for Oil and gas companies and mining and quarrying companies.

  11. Added information on the first EITI report, under 'what is EITI?', and updated section on 'the reporting process'.

  12. Updated 'How to report' section.

  13. Added additional guidance on reporting.

  14. Updated with final templates and waiver form.

  15. Added guidance for oil and gas companies and mining and dredging companies.

  16. Step by step guides added for oil and gas, and mining and quarrying.

  17. Added details of the workshops that Moore Stephens will be running for oil and gas companies.

  18. EITI process: The UK was accepted as a candidate country on the 15 October 2014.

  19. Added information about the UK being successfully admitted as an EITI candidate country.

  20. Details of the first meeting of the EITI multi stakeholder group added.

  21. Updated to reflect the launch of the UK's implementation of EITI.

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