Empower an agent with the RPA

Rural Payments Agency (RPA) customers can register someone else (often called an 'agent') to act on behalf of their business.

This guidance was withdrawn on

Updated information is available on the give someone permission to act for you on rural payments page

You can ask someone else to act on behalf of your business. This is called ‘empowerment’.

It’s up to you if you want to empower someone - you don’t have to.

Decide what level of empowerment you want to give

There are different levels of empowerment depending on what you want the person to be able to do.

The different levels are explained in this RPA empowerments leaflet (PDF, 234 KB, 6 pages). It also tells you how to remove empowerments.

Tell RPA

To empower someone for your business, you’ll need to Change the details you’ve registered with the RPA.

Or, if you claim the Single Payment Scheme, you can fill in an SP9 form to Empower an agent for the Single Payment Scheme.

Contact RPA


Helpline 03000 200 301

Published 10 July 2014