Dstl Supplier Day 2015 – Sessions

Information on the presentations, workshops, panel discussion and drop-in sessions that will be taking place at the Dstl Supplier Day 2015.

On the day, after registration, suppliers will be able to book onto a workshop, panel discussion or attend a drop-in session in the morning (11:00 – 11:45) and again in the afternoon (13:15 – 14:00).


09:30 - Keynote: Introduction to and overview of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), vision and positioning

10:00 - Dstl portfolio and overview of programmes

14:30 - Supplier strategy


Opening the door: Harnessing science & technology innovation to deliver sustainable operational advantage

The Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) is challenging the way defence innovates in order to provide operational advantage in three ways:

  1. People: The way we access talent and the knowledge it brings
  2. Partnerships: New relationships and ways of working that build trust and attract capital from public and private sectors
  3. Pace: New processes that speed up the way we work

The workshop will ask participants to provide observations on the current approach to innovation and collaboration in defence science and technology (S&T) and to provide ideas as to how the Ministry of Defence (MOD) might embrace a more open approach to innovation in the future.

Improving the way we work with suppliers

During the last 20 years the global political, economic, social and technological environment has changed significantly. As this continues, the ability to develop, lead and exploit S&T is an increasing priority - and challenge - for governments.

MOD and Dstl have a critical responsibility to maximise the impact of S&T for the defence and security of the UK. We need to signal clearly what we consider to be the challenges of the future and how we will address them, including whether or not the work would be conducted from within government.

At the Dstl Supplier Day we will be seeking industry views on how best to receive and provide guidance to suppliers on the challenges and requirements of the future. In particular, we will be asking what the key areas of concern from an industry perspective are, and which of MOD’s key challenges the S&T supply base can address.

Panel Discussion

Battle Winning Science & Technology

The Platform Systems Division consists of 14 programmes ranging from Maritime Freedom of Manoeuvre to Unmanned Air Systems and everything in between. The division aims to support the war-fighter into and out of conflict, providing them with equipment and protecting the person and platform.

Funding across the Platform Systems Division’s programmes totals £250 million during the 2015/16 financial year. Of this, over 70% is Ministry of Defence (MOD) Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) funding. Of the total funding available, over 60% is externally contracted.

The panel discussion will be hosted by Division Head Pat Burns, Division Capability Lead Linda Knutsen and Division Programme Lead Elizabeth Harris. They will discuss the future direction of the division and how you can engage with us.

Drop in sessions

If you’re new to defence and want to find out more about how to work with Dstl then a series of drop in sessions will be held during the Supplier Day. Come along to meet the following teams:

  • Commercial Team – gain a greater understanding of R-Cloud, how it is used and what the standard terms and conditions are; find out how Dstl places contracts; and find out how to get involved in Dstl’s existing large framework agreements

  • Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) – speak to the CDE team about the Enduring Challenge competition which is open to all innovative ideas that challenge conventions and have a high potential benefit for the military end user; find out about the straightforward application process; and gain a greater understanding of the standard terms and conditions

  • Ploughshare Innovations Limited – find out how the unique technology created by Dstl is commercially available to your business, and learn how easy it is to license or invest in it

  • Dstl Easy Access IP team – find out about this new way of sharing intellectual property (IP) and how it can help us work together; see what technologies are being offered via this new approach

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