Digital Outcomes and Specialists: digital specialist roles

Descriptions of digital specialist roles on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

The public sector can use the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework on the Digital Marketplace to find:

  • digital outcomes, for example the beta phase of an NHS booking system
  • digital specialists, for example service managers or developers
  • user research studios
  • user research participants

Digital specialists suppliers must be able to provide at least one individual specialist role to be eligible to supply digital specialists through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

You’ll see these role descriptions when you apply to provide digital specialists.

Agile coach

Help individuals, teams and managers be as effective as possible by embedding an agile culture. Read an agile coach job description (ODT, 22KB).

Business analyst

Analyse a service or organisation’s business processes and systems. Specify, collect and present findings. Read a business analyst job description (ODT, 20KB).

Communications manager

Develop user-focused messages, measurement techniques and communication approaches. Establish integrated communication plans across a range of digital channels to ensure that communication is ongoing, open and clear.

Content designer

Ensure content is as clear and simple as possible to meet user needs. Read a content designer job description (ODT, 21KB).

Cyber security consultant

Minimise the chance of data or information systems security breaches. Ensure information is protected against unauthorised or unintended access. Put systems in place to prevent data destruction or disruption.

Data architect

Set the vision for the organisation’s use of data, through data design, to meet business needs.

Data engineer

Design, build, test and maintain data management systems, making sure they meet business requirements and user needs.

Data scientist

Identify complex business problems while working with policy and operations teams to understand where data can add value.

Delivery manager

Set up a team for successful delivery. Remove obstacles, track progress, facilitate meetings and help the team organise itself. Read a delivery manager job description (ODT, 20KB).


Provide user-centred interaction design, service design and graphic design expertise. Read a designer job description (ODT,19KB).


Build software that supports user needs. Continually improve the service by identifying new tools and techniques, removing technical bottlenecks, and adapting and maintaining code. Read a developer job description (ODT, 20KB).

Performance analyst

Specify, collect and present the key performance data and analysis for a service. Read a performance analyst job description (ODT, 20KB).

Portfolio manager

Lead a digital portfolio of projects and programmes. Read a portfolio manager job description (ODT 20KB).

Product manager

Lead the delivery and continuous improvement of one or more digital products or platforms. Read a product manager job description (ODT, 18KB).

Programme manager

Manage and organise groups of related projects so they work together to achieve a strategic objective. Read a programme delivery manager job description (ODT, 20KB).

Quality assurance analyst

Ensure the quality of the digital service by testing it manually and writing automated tests covering a range of conditions.

Service manager

Develop and deliver an effective user-focused digital service. Manage the full product lifecycle, including user research, design, delivery and continuous improvement. Read a service manager job description (ODT, 42KB).

Technical architect

Break down complex problems and identify steps towards solutions. Coach individuals and engage with non-technical people at all levels of seniority. Write code as a senior member of the development team. Read a technical architect job description (ODT, 28KB).

User researcher

Design, conduct and analyse user research using a range of techniques, for example one-to-one interviews or usability tests. Read a user researcher job description (ODT, 25KB).

Web operations engineer

Run the production systems to help the development team build software that is easy to operate, scale and secure. Read a web operations job description (ODT, 16KB).

Published 18 December 2015