Defence Medical Services (Reserves)

For medical professionals, the Medical Reserves offer an exciting opportunity to do more with your professional skills. Follow the links below to find out more.

The Defence Medical Services (navy, army and RAF) provide medical care to sick and injured military personnel and others in a range of uniquely challenging operational and training environments around the world.

Medical Reservists have a variable part-time commitment which is manageable alongside their civilian life and career. They give up their spare time in support of the armed forces but they also bring the skills and knowledge back to their civilian role, thereby benefitting their organisation, department and colleagues.

Many employers recognise that the training and skills gained by a reservist can directly benefit their organisation. Reservists receive training in communication, leadership and management as well as having access to professional courses, such as:

  • ALS
  • Medical Operation Planning
  • Humanitarian Disaster Relief

All of which are provided at no financial expense to their employer.

You can choose from the list of opportunities offered by the 3 single services below:

  • Royal Navy Reserves
  • Army Medical Services Reserves
  • Royal Airforce Reserves

    Cadre Sub Cadre Royal Navy Reserves Army Medical Services Royal Air Force Reserves
    Secondary Healthcare Consultant Anaesthetist X X X
    ——– Burns and Plastics Surgeon X X  
    ——– Dermatologist   X  
    ——– Emergency Medicine X X X
    ——– General Surgery X X X
    ——– Gynaecologist   X  
    ——– Haematology X X  
    ——– Intensivist X X X
    ——– Medical Microbiology X X  
    ——– Neurologist   X  
    ——– Neurosurgeon X X  
    ——– Oral and maxillofacial surgery X X  
    ——– Ophthalmic Surgeon   X  
    ——– Otolaryngology   X  
    ——– Paediatrics   X  
    ——– Physician (Incls: Cardio, Renal, Acute Med)   X  
    ——– Radiologist X X  
    ——– Rheumatology & Rehabilitation   X  
    ——– Trauma Orthopaedic Surgeon X X  
    ——– Urologist X X  
    Primary Healthcare Accredited General Medical Practitioner X X X
    ——– Occupational Medicine Consultants   X  
    ——– Psychiatrist   X  
    ——– Public Health Consultants   X  
    ——– Medical Students/Non Accredited CONS General Medical Practitioner   X  
    Nursing Registered Nurse (Adult)   X X
    ——– RN (A) Burns and Plastics X X X
    ——– RN (A) Critical Care unit X X X
    ——– RN (A) Ear Nose Throat X    
    ——– RN (A) Emergency Nurse X X X
    ——– RN (A) Gynaecology   X  
    ——– RN (A) Infection Prevention Control   X  
    ——– RN (A) Medical   X X
    ——– RN (A) Primary Health Care   X X
    ——– RN (A) Sexual Health   X  
    ——– RN (A) Special Care   X  
    ——– RN (A) Surgical X   X
    ——– RN (A) Theatres X X  
    ——– RN (A) Trauma and Orthopaedics X    
    ——– RN (Mental Health)   X X
    ——– Midwife   X  
    ——– Nursing Students   X  
    Dental General Dental practitioner   X X
    ——– Dental Nurse   X X
    Allied Healthcare Biomedical Scientist X X  
    ——– Combat Medical Technician   X  
    ——– Environmental health Officer   X  
    ——– Environmental Health Technician   X  
    ——– Medical Support Officer   X X
    ——– Operating Department Practitioners X X X
    ——– Paramedic   X X
    ——– Pharmacist   X X
    ——– Pharmacy Technician   X X
    ——– Physiotherapist   X X
    ——– Radiographer X    
    ——– RAF Medic     X
    ——– Clinical Students   X  
Published 30 August 2018
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