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The International Tech Hub Network (ITHN) works to forge innovation partnerships between the UK and international tech sectors, stimulate local digital economies, and build high-end digital skills to drive sustainable jobs and growth.

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The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport’s International Tech Hub Network (ITHN) works to forge innovation partnerships between the UK and international tech sectors, stimulate local digital economies, and build high-end digital skills to drive sustainable jobs and growth.

The UK government is committed to supporting the UK tech sector to succeed in overseas markets, and to working with partner countries to build thriving digital ecosystems that drive growth and development. The Hubs support the growth of digital inclusion, creating local skilled jobs and generating opportunities for business partnerships.

The UK for tech collaboration

The UK generates more billion-dollar tech businesses and has higher levels of investment than any other European country. Our tech startup and scaleup ecosystem is valued at $585bn - 120% more than in 2017, and more than double the next most valuable ecosystem in Europe - Germany - at $291bn.

In the face of a challenging 2020, UK tech VC investment hit a record high of $15bn (ranking third in the world) with the majority coming from overseas, and deep tech investment experiencing the highest rate of growth globally. The UK is third in the world for investment into impact tech, which has increased 160% since 2018 while in the US it rose by 15% over the same period (TechNation).

Partner countries

Global TechHubs

UK-Israel Tech Hub:

UK-Kenya Tech Hub:

UK-Nigeria Tech Hub:

UK-South Africa Tech Hub:

For other Hubs contact:

Case studies


UK-Brazil Tech Hub partners with Future Females Business School




UK-Kenya Tech Hub partners with Whitebox Entrepreneurs

UK-Kenya Tech Hub’s Digital Apprenticeship Programme


UK-Nigeria Tech Hub Innovative Teachers Fellowship

UK-Nigeria Tech Hub Developer Placement Programme

South Africa

UK-South Africa Tech Hub’s Digital Enablement Programme

UK-South Africa Tech Hub’s Launch League

Future Females Business School - South Africa

Latest news

26 May 2021

Celebrating two years of the International Tech Hub Network

9 July 2020

Reflections from Week One of the Tech Hubs Go Global virtual programme

2 July 2020

Meet the bright UK-South Africa Tech Hub alumni who have taken the first steps to expanding into the UK market

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Network programmes

International Tech Hubs support entrepreneurs to acquire the skills, resources and connections needed to accelerate their startup journey through a year-round calendar of activities and events.

In addition, the network delivers annual programmes which bring together tech innovators from across the world to share innovation, facilitating global partnerships. This includes Go Global, TeXchange and Female Tech Founders.

Go Global

Go Global supports startups to improve their business skills and capability, build links with the UK’s thriving tech sector, and work with UK expertise to grow their business. Following the programme, participants become Go Global Champions joining a network of global alumni, cascading new ideas to their local ecosystem.

Originally a UK-Israel Tech Hub programme, Go Global has expanded to new regions, reaching tech innovators around the world.


Go Global Africa

Go Global Africa took place across March and April 2019, supporting 18 startup founders from across the Hubs in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.


Go Global India 2019

Following the success of the Africa edition, Go Global India took place in October - December 2019, supporting 18 tech for good startup founders.

The UK-India Tech Hub was created as a pilot during 2019, delivering one of its own major programmes and contributing to others in the wider Network. The India Hub pilot concluded in April 2021.

Network wide

As a result of COVID19, the most recent edition of Go Global was delivered virtually across June and July 2020, and therefore was able to support 65 startups from across the entire Network. The programme offered a deep dive into challenges being faced, explored the best practice emerging to take them on and created a playbook of tools, tips and insights for startups to not only survive but build toward thriving in the future.

Female Tech Founders

Female Tech Founders 2020

Funmi Adewara - Female Tech Founders

In January 2020, we welcomed 15 of Africa’s most ambitious development-focused women entrepreneurs to London to participate in a three day tailored training programme. Africa-UK: Female Tech Founders was designed to empower women with the skills and connections to overcome the existing digital gender gap.


TeXchange 2020: Healthcare Innovation

In February 2020, the ITHN partnered with the UK-Israel Tech Hub on their flagship programme, which supports scale-up technology ventures from across the network to expand into the UK market by exposing British businesses to the world’s brightest innovation.

Press releases

UK supports Brazilian females to grow their tech-based businesses 1 February 2021

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