Countryside Productivity Small Grant (CPSG) scheme Round 3

The CPSG provides investment towards specific items of equipment which will improve productivity and efficiency for farming and horticultural businesses. Read the guidance carefully to decide whether the items under this scheme meet the investment plans for your business, and if you qualify for support.

This handbook explains what Round 3 of the CPSG grant is for, who is eligible, how to apply and if successful, how to claim.

  1. Print or download this guidance You can either print the individual sections of the guide that you need, or print or download the full guide.
  2. Countryside Productivity Small Grant (CPSG) scheme – How it works This section provides information about the main elements of the Countryside Productivity Small Grant (CPSG) scheme
  3. Key Changes Read about the changes for Round 3
  4. Introduction Find out about the grant and what it's for
  5. About Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme Find out who can apply for the CPSG, what the grants are for and how much money is available.
  6. Things you need to know Find out how to register and make sure your business details are correct on the Rural Payments system and the application process
  7. How to apply This section explains how to submit your online application, what information you will need and what happens after we receive your application
  8. How to claim your grant This section explains how to claim your grant, what evidence you need to submit with your claim and what happens next.
  9. Annex 1: Scheme specific conditions of grant This annex lists the conditions your business must meet to qualify for the grant.
  10. Annex 2: CPSG Terms and conditions This annex details the terms and conditions of the CPSG scheme
  11. Annex 3: Eligible items – Specification and Standard Cost This annex details the required Specification and Standard Costs of eligible items
  12. Annex 4: Eligible items by sector This annex details the eligible items by agricultural sector
  13. Annex 5: Hints and tips for filling in your online application form This annex lists hints and tips for filling in your online application form