Construction specialist apprenticeships

Types of apprenticeships that you can apply for in the construction specialist sector.

Construction is a multi-billion pound industry that deals with developing and building anything from a housing estate to a bridge. Few industries are as wide-ranging, or offer so many different career routes.

Training opportunities

You could be working on various sites in your region and beyond – there are also plenty of opportunities to work abroad, as many of the largest construction companies operate around the world.

Types of apprenticeships

As an intermediate level apprentice you could work as a scaffolder, erecting scaffolding to allow other workers to gain access to parts of structures they are working on. Or you could work as a roof sheeter and cladder, working on a construction site, commercial or public place applying roof sheeting and cladding to building structures or roofs.

Alternatively you could work as a wall and floor tiler, using coloured and textured tiles to decorate the inside of buildings, kitchens, bathrooms or working on large floors in factories, shopping centres and airports.

On the advanced level apprenticeship you could work as a banker mason, working in a workshop shaping different components from sawn stone, using templates and drawings as a guide to produce complex stone for new and existing buildings. Or you could work as a fibrous plasterer, working in a workshop using moulds to produce ornamental plasterwork.

Job roles

Intermediate level apprenticeship

  • scaffolder
  • built-up-felt roofer
  • roof sheeter and cladder
  • wall and floor tiler
  • kitchen/bathroom fitter
  • floor layer
  • dry liner
  • ceiling fixer
  • partitioner
  • access floorlayer
  • mastic asphalter
  • solid plasterer
  • fibrous plasterer
  • roof slater and tiler
  • thatcher
  • banker mason

Advanced level apprenticeship

  • plasterer
  • fibrous plasterer
  • roof slater and tiler
  • banker mason
  • wall and floor tiler