What's required of moped and motorcycle trainers and learner riders during compulsory basic training (CBT).

  • How the syllabus works, what trainers should be able to show, the learning outcomes and assessment of skills.

  • The aims of CBT, making suitable decisions about equipment and clothing, and meeting the eyesight rules.

  • How the motorcycle or moped works, what maintenance checks are needed, and getting a feel for the weight and balance of the vehicle.

  • Carrying out manoeuvres safely and under full control, using the brakes, changing gear, and carrying out observations.

  • Meeting the legal requirements to ride, attitude, positioning, separation distances, speed, anticipating what other road users may do, and preparing for developing hazards.

  • Riding in typical traffic conditions (including traffic lights, roundabouts, junctions, pedestrian crossings, gradients and bends), and carrying out a u-turn and an emergency stop.