Civil Service Returners Programme

If you're returning to work you can use the Civil Service Returners Programme to find short term opportunities in the Civil Service or within government organisations.

What is the Returners programme?

The Civil Service Returners Programme offers short term opportunities to individuals to return to work and experience the breadth and depth of careers in the Civil Service. Initially, the Civil Service will offer a minimum of 50 returner placements across key departments, functions or professions throughout 2018.

Returner placements will provide opportunities for you to be involved in to delivering on key areas of government work, providing the chance to refresh and test your skills and experience, or build up and gain insight into new areas of interest.

Who is involved?

There are currently several government departments involved in this initiative; including Government Equalities Office and Government Commercial Organisation, who have both recently launched the first Civil Service Returner placements.

There will be continued placements offered across government departments over the next few months. These will be in areas such as law, commercial and HR functions.

How long do placements last?

The placements are from 6 weeks to 6 months in length and offered on a flexible basis, with opportunities available UK-wide. These will be paid work placements at an appropriate level for the type of work and skills required.

Check if you’re eligible

Returner placements will be open to all individuals who have taken time out of work for at least 2 years, or are currently engaged in work that does not make the best use of their skills, competencies and qualifications.

Departmental application requirements may differ depending on the job role available. It is likely you will be asked to provide a CV and supporting statement which includes information on your time out of the labour market.

If you are interested in applying for these roles, all Civil Service Returners placements will be offered via CS jobs.

Find a Civil Service Returners placement

Use the Civil Service job search to look for placement opportunities.

Public Sector Returners Programme

There are currently two other Returner Programmes underway across the wider public sector:

Published 19 March 2018