Apply to be a UK CAB for product safety and metrology

Requirements for conformity assessment bodies (CABs) certifying for the GB and NI market.

Following the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020, UK-based Notified Bodies became UK Approved Bodies for the GB market, while retaining their status as Notified Bodies for the purpose of certifying goods to be placed on the Northern Ireland market.

UK Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) provide third party conformity assessment for goods to be placed on the GB and / or NI market but not the EU market. Third-party conformity assessment for the EU market now needs to be carried out by an EU-recognised Notified Body and UK-based Approved Bodies no longer feature on NANDO.

BEIS created a UK replacement for the NANDO database. This is a register on GOV.UK of UK-based Approved Bodies for the GB market and Notified Bodies for the NI market containing information such as name, identification numbers, activities for which they have been appointed and any restrictions to those activities.

Access the UKMCAB database

The status of CABs in the UK automatically converted under the new UK framework. UK-based bodies kept their previous 4-digit identification number, both for their status as Approved Bodies (for the GB market) and as Notified Bodies (for the NI market).

UKAS remains the UK’s appointed national accreditation body and accredits UK Approved and UK Notified Bodies.

Under the Northern Ireland Protocol, the UK can continue to appoint UK-based CABs as Notified Bodies for assessment against EU product regulations for placing products on the market in NI, which need to be marked with the CE and UKNI markings. The criteria for approval are the same as for the appointment of Approved Bodies although the CAB must be competent to assess the requirements set out in EU legislation.

Find out about the product safety framework in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Find out about the metrology framework in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Guidance on the Approved Body application process is provided below:

You can send your application to:

Published 9 December 2020
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  1. Guidance updated in section 1.7 to provide contact details for any conformity assessment body interested in becoming an Approved Body for pyrotechnics.

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