Apply for Sellafield Ltd grants including reusable equipment

If your organisation supports people in Copeland, Allerdale or Warrington you may be eligible to apply for a small grant.

Who we support

To be considered for a Sellafield Ltd grant, you must be applying on behalf of a social enterprise, voluntary or community group. Sellafield Ltd has a strong preference to work with local rather than national organisations aiming to support and strengthen the communities and boroughs close to our sites.

Boroughs eligible to apply for funding are:

  • Copeland
  • Allerdale
  • Warrington

What type of project can we support?

We are interested in projects that address community needs and build stronger independent communities. Priority is given to groups helping our most vulnerable neighbourhoods or addressing areas of local social need. We fund grants of up £5,000 to enable social enterprise, voluntary or community groups i.e. not for profit organisations, to do something they otherwise couldn’t afford.

We prefer to offer support to projects with the following aims:

  • To assist our communities to thrive by supporting sustainable activities that create self-reliance and independence
  • To support the needs of people in our communities
  • To support young people in their development in education and skills
  • To make a positive difference in our most vulnerable neighbourhoods
  • To improve well-being in our communities

How applications are considered

We have a local charity committee who meet regularly to review applications and award grants. The final decision will be at the company’s discretion.

Funding exclusions

Sellafield Ltd will not provide grants to support the following:

  • General running costs including staff costs
  • Religious or political gains
  • Commercial sponsorship, individuals, third party advertising or political campaigning
  • Overseas travel
  • Animal welfare
  • Sports team sponsorship
  • Statutory services
  • Projects for the benefit of an individual

How much can we give?

The maximum grant that we can give is £5,000.

What is reusable equipment?

Examples of reusable equipment include:

  • filing cabinets
  • desks
  • chairs
  • tables
  • cupboards
  • flood lights

Some items are excluded including: IT and electrical equipment, for further clarification email

What support Sellafield Ltd can offer

Our aim is to too improve people’s lives in the communities close to our sites. We do so by offering match funding to Sellafield Ltd employees for charities registered in the UK serving the needs of Copeland, Allerdale and Warrington areas.

We support Sellafield Ltd employees by matching their fundraising - up to £500.

Employees are also allowed time off to support community activities such as Mountain Rescue and School Governor duties.

When to apply

You can apply for grants at any time but requests will only be considered during committee meetings.

How to apply

Application for Sellafield Ltd grants - Application for Sellafield Ltd grants (MS Word Document, 58.5KB)

Application for Sellafield Ltd reusable equipment - Application for Sellafield Ltd reusable equipment (MS Word Document, 53KB)

You can expect a decision within 8 weeks of your application.

What happens if you are successful?

If you are successful, the grant will be issued in the form of a charity voucher or BACS payment.

Vouchers will be posted once you have confirmed a correct delivery address.

BACS payments will be made once you have supplied bank account details in writing.

Collection or delivery of surplus assets will be agreed by telephone.

What the expectations once funding is received?

Grants must be used to fulfil the need expressed in your application.

You may also be contacted by Sellafield Ltd to provide a progress update and to participate in promotional opportunities.

Published 4 August 2017